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Ideal measurement: 40x80 cm

Moses and cot is the size for the little ones.
It is where they sleep the first few months, many times next to Mom and Dad's bed.



Ideal measurement: 50x90 cm

Colecho Cribs are specially designed for families who choose to have their babies sleep with mom and / or dad.
For everyone to sleep comfortably, these cribs have one of their removable sides and are designed to be easily attached to another mattress or bed. In this way, the crib is an extension of the bed and at the same time it has independence to be able to be moved to another environment, once the family feels safe.



Ideal measurement: 65x100 cm

Practicunas are cradles that favor multiple functionalities and practicality: they can be taken on a trip, transformed into a playpen, they are assembled and disassembled to occupy more or less space.



Ideal measurement: 60x120 cm

Cribs come in many sizes, but the crib "charriot" is usually called the "crib", which is the type used by babies up to about three years old.



Ideal measurement: 90x140 cm

The functional crib is the one that incorporates a removable drawer that also serves as a changing table until the small child leaves the diapers. Babies use it with the bars from the month of age until, without the bars and without the changing mat, it becomes the child's bed. The "functional" measurement corresponds to that of the crib, when it is still used with the drawer mounted.

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